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Hello there. You can listen to the entire album - just press play in the upper left corner, that's all there is to it. Or download it for free, no strings attached. And if you like it, spread the word. After all, what good is a musician without an audience?
Feel free to watch some videos of me performing songs from the album. Or read a brief making-of essay or browse the lyrics or drop me a note or sign up for the newsletter.
I'm looking forward to sharing my music with you.
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Who is Tobi Lessnow ?

>>>> Singer, Drummer etc <<<<

I started out as a singer and a drummer and over the course of time picked up other instruments like the guitar and the piano.
I suppose I could call myself fairly open minded when it comes to music. So since the early days I've been criss-crossing the genres from jazz to rock, from electronic to hardcore, from reggae to new music. Besides playing in numerous bands, I studied music at the university, did a few stints at the theater/opera and had a couple of studio gigs here and there.
Most recently in addition to my album I did some work on a film score and I have been playing with The Dorf, an eclectic big band
firing on all stylistic cylinders. Then there is sub.vision, a 5-piece combo oscillating between trance and jazz rock. Furthermore we have made plans to relaunch Transwagon, a dear band of mine. So stay tuned.
To get a taste of my drumming in it's purest form, visit me here. If you like what you're hearing and are interested in a collaboration you are more than welcome to drop me a line.
I almost forgot: apart from being a musician I'm also a passionate graphic designer. I find that design is the perfect supplement to my music.

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You've probably noticed it already: in the   >>> upper left corner <<<   you find the player. You can listen to the entire album. So let's roll.

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The essence of a song

I find it fascinating to approach a song from different angles. Every interpretation brings you closer to the essence and you really get to know the song's character. A full blown arrangement or a version stripped down to the essentials - I love them all.
Video 1 // No Farewell And No Goodbye - Drums, Harmonica, Vocals
Video 2 // Adore - Guitar, Vocals
Video 3 // Unbreakable - Piano, Vocals
Video 4 // Black Hole Night - Electric Kit, Guitar, Vocals

Who is Tobi Lessnow Part II

>>>> Singer, Drummer etc <<<<

I've got a couple of pictures and snapshots for you. This should give you a rough idea of what I look like. The sequence has been initiated. You're ready to launch.

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Downloading Good Things Cafe

Go ahead and download the complete album for free. In case you like it please spread the word, tell your friends. After all: what good is a musician without an audience.

Good Things Café     zip-File // 141,9 MB

Maybe you can't stand the notion of listening to the songs without any financial consequences. In that case you may find the CASH FOR TOBI-button useful. Feel free to send me via paypal as much money as you wish. I know - it's embarrassing. So please forgive me. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attention.

The Good Things Cafe for real

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My album is also available as a cd that comes in a 6-page digifile with an 8-page zig-zag booklet. The price is 10,- € plus shipping costs 2,- € within germany and 4,- € international. If you're interested please contact me via the contact page.
Take a look at the booklet

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{ My first Album }

Lifetime Membership

My first album Lifetime Membership is online as well. What it sounds like, what it looks like and what it feels like you find out here. Check it out. I see you on the other site.
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